Work cleaner with the SKIL Dust Level Indicator

SKIL proudly presents the innovative Dust Level Indicator to make your life easier when you’re sanding. When it comes to sanding, the biggest frustration is dust. Sanding produces a lot of dust, which is often not picked up efficiently by your sander. This SKIL innovation makes it easy to keep your working environment cleaner!

Maximum suction power for cleaner working
The Dust Level Indicator shows the best time to empty the dustbox. If you do it in time there’s no loss of dust suction power, which maximizes the sanders dust pick-up for cleaner working. Normally, you don’t know the right time to empty the dustbox. If it’s too full, suction power quickly falls, leaving dust behind. It’s similar to your household vacuum cleaner. The SKIL Dust Level Indicator introduces the same solution, especially for sanding jobs!