Enjoyable gardening

‘Urban Series’ garden tools from SKIL ensure that gardening is always enjoyable and they barely take up any space after use.

‘Urban Series’
Space is a scarce commodity in urban areas and the situation is only going to get worse. Gardens are getting smaller, so there are more balconies and roof gardens. Which means less storage space. The affordable ‘Urban Series’ garden tools are specially designed for these circumstances.
Space-saving design
The handy tools are not only easy to use, they also come with the unique SKIL ‘Easy Storage’ solution. Stowing away these tools is child’s play. They are carefully designed to take up a minimum of space. So, it’s a lot easier to keep your garage, shed or cupboard clean and tidy.
Easy Storage
Small garden tools come with a handy ‘Easy Storage’ hook to hang them on the wall. The hooks can be linked together to place tools alongside each other. Large tools have their own special design features. Take the lawn mowers: they come with their own stabiliser, allowing them to be stowed upright against the wall.
Easy to use, easy to store

All told, then, the SKIL 'Urban Series' garden tools are very handy for ensuring your garden is well kept. Pressure washer, lawn mower, garden blower or hedge cutters – find whatever you need here in the complete range of SKIL electrical garden tools.