1. Which operating speed to use for which material and hole diameter?

    It’s always recommended to select the right speed for each material and hole diameter. You can control the speed of your drill by varying the pressure on the switch in the handle. Some (hammer) drills are equipped with a wheel on the handle to adjust the speed.

    Generally, you should drill at low speed when working with soft materials, like pine. You can drill soft wood at a relatively high speed without causing any problems. However, we advise choosing a lower speed to avoid burning the wood and get more control over the drilling depth.

    You should select a high-speed setting for hard materials like beech wood, brick, stone and steel. However, you should bear in mind that drilling into hardwood at too high a speed will generate smoke in the drill hole, often accompanied by a smell of burning. Therefore, it’s a good idea to test the drill speed on a piece of waste material first.