SKIL Reciprocating- and jigsaw combination 4600

Reciprocating saw and jigsaw in one
The SKIL ‘Combisaw’ is a compact, lightweight saw that handles the most common sawing jobs in and around the home. It combines two popular DIY tools in one: a reciprocating saw and a jigsaw. Just click and slide the handle, and you can smoothly switch between reciprocating saw and jigsaw. The unique blade holder takes standard reciprocating saw blades and jigsaw blades, both of which are widely available. Other useful features like the lock-on button and two-finger trigger add extra convenience while working. The three metre power cord gives you all the freedom of movement you need. From now on, the SKIL ‘Combisaw’ lets you get the job done with just one tool – whether you’re rough cutting or fine scrolling!

Great versatility
The combination of these two popular DIY sawing tools gives you a total solution for different sawing jobs in and around the home. Whether you’re cutting branches, pipes, beams or laminate flooring, the SKIL ‘Combisaw’ is the right tool for the job.

High performance
With its powerful 400W motor and 18 mm stroke length, the ‘Combisaw’ is ideal for fast sawing. And thanks to its 80 mm stroke length capacity in wood, the ‘Combisaw’ can handle all the most common DIY sawing jobs.

Handy features for extra working comfort
The ‘Combisaw‘s’ light weight, compact size and easy single-hand operation make it extremely convenient to handle, with great freedom and support while working. The lock-on button and two-finger trigger ensure convenient operation, and the integrated dust blower keeps the line of cut clear for good visibility. To make sure you can start right away, the SKIL 4600 ‘Combisaw’ is supplied with three versatile blades: for wood, scrolling and pruning.