SKIL Pressure Control: less pressure, better sanding

Do you ever drink fresh orange juice in the morning? And when you press your orange onto the juicer, do you also tend to press really hard, because you think you’ll get more juice out, more quickly? In fact the opposite is true. Pressing the orange so hard slows the motor of the juicer, so it can’t work properly. What does this have to do with sanding?

Well, people do the same thing when they’re sanding. They think that if you press harder, the sander takes off more material.

Here again, the opposite is true. The engine of the sander gets blocked and it can’t do it’s work properly anymore. What’s more it tires you out and gives you painful hands and wrists.

That’s why SKIL has introduced pressure control on its sanders. It’s a very simple principle. Our sander has 4 LEDs: two green, one orange and one red. These respond to the pressure on the sander. As long as you stay in the ‘green zone’, the sander works properly and you get the best sanding result. If the orange LED is lit you’re using too much pressure. And if the red LED is lit then you really need to release the pressure and let the tool do the work. After all, why should you tire yourself out if the tool can do the job for you?