Hot news…
Whether soldering, waxing skis or stripping paint, you can be sure of achieving the best result with our new electronically controlled heat guns.
Always in control
The electronics continuously monitor the temperature level of our heat guns to prevent overheating. That means you can use small-diameter nozzles for various soldering, desoldering and welding jobs.
Primed to perform
On SKIL heat guns you can select temperatures from 50°C to 650°C and various airflow settings up to 500l/min. The SKIL 8040 also has a handy LCD display to set the exact temperature and airflow you need for your job.
Too hot to handle…
Our heat guns have a unique nozzle-eject function: instant safe removal of even the hottest nozzle, enabling fast switching for different applications.
Widely available accessories
SKIL heat guns are compatible with the most widely available heat gun nozzles on the market, so you will always find the right nozzle for your job.