The information on this page is only relevant for the following SKIL models.

1580    3005    3205    3805    5350    7242   9111
1710    3055    3410    3910    5810    7352
1851    3101    3460    4510    6705    7461
2705    3103    3510    4511    6710    7641
3000    3121    3610    4940    7241    9110

You will find the model number on the label of the tool, this is a four-digit number in bold


For the warranty conditions please ask your dealer.

If the tool should fail despite the care taken in manufacturing and testing procedures, please send the tool undismantled together with proof of purchase to your dealer.

Be aware that damage due to overload or improper handling of the product will be excluded from the warranty.


Contact your SKIL dealer for repairs.

Contact your dealer

Instruction manuals

Are you looking for an instruction manual? You can download instruction manuals from a product page. You can find older SKIL tools in our product archive.

Other questions

For all other questions we kindly ask you to fill in our contact form. We do our best to send a reply within 2 business days.