Service for black-coloured SKIL tools

The part number of black-coloured SKIL tools starts with "F015......". Black-coloured tools have a black / grey housing with red functional parts.

Spare parts and service

Our service partner offers the possibility to order SKIL spare parts via the following web shop.

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Do you have questions about spare parts or warranty / service related questions? Please contact our service station.

Robert Bosch Ltd.
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
Denham, Uxbridge

Tel. +44 344 736 0109
Fax. +44 189 583 8793


All SKIL Tools are carefully checked, thoroughly tested and subjected to SKIL's stringent quality control procedures. That's why SKIL guarantees both its power tools and its measuring tools. This guarantee does not limit the buyer's guarantee rights arising from the contract of sale with the reseller or applicable legal rights.

Warranty conditions


Repairs under Guarantee
The quickest way to get your SKIL tool repaired is to return it (together with the purchase receipt) to your SKIL reseller. Your reseller will make sure your tool is repaired by fully qualified repair technicians. You can return your tool without accessories and case. Your tool must not have been dismantled before return. Repair costs will be paid by SKIL. In some cases, we will issue you with a replacement product instead of repair.

Repairs outside Guarantee
Here again we recommend you to return your tool, without accessories and case, to your SKIL reseller. You can then set a limit to the amount you are prepared to pay for the repair. If you prefer, you can ask for a price quotation before repair. This is chargeable, although the costs are waived if you then accept the price quotation and have your tool repaired.

Instruction manuals

Are you looking for an instruction manual? You can download instruction manuals from a product page. You can find older SKIL tools in our product archive.

Other questions

For all other questions we kindly ask you to fill in our contact form. We do our best to send a reply within 2 business days.