Inventions & Patents

From the invention of the circular saw in 1924 right up to the present day, SKIL is out in front when it comes to relevant, innovative inventions and patents.

1924 | Circular Saw

Before the company was even founded the SKILsaw was invented. The SKILsaw became a brand name known around the world, and soon defined a whole new category of power tools.

1964 | Variable speed control

This feature greatly improves the tool's performance and manageability.

1978 | Automatic belt-track Control (ABC)

ABC that automatically aligns the sanding belt and ensures effortless, high quality sanding.

1983 | Auto-Scroller

This Jigsaw feature automatically rotates the blade 360 around its axis, making it easy to create intricate curves with just one hand.

1983 | RBR

SKIL patented reversing mechanism (RBR):- provides 10% more output power in both directions -gives longer carbon brush life- conveniently placed just above switch, for right and left hand use.

1988 | EMH

EMH made it possible to drill through any type of concrete with ease.

1992 | Flexi-charge

A range of rechargeable power tools which operate from the same type of battery, even with different voltages.

2000 | Clic drills

Clic mechanism for drills to facilitate drilling and changing screw bits.

2000 | Clic multi sanders

FOX sander and Octo 'Clic' mechanism that allows the sanding base to be changed without any extra tools.

2003 | Double position angle grinder

Angle grinder with two switch positions to improve safety and ergonomics.

2004 | Adjustable angle grinder safety guard

No-tool adjustment of the angle grinder's safety guard.

2004 | Angle grinder accessory key

Accessory key stored in the side handle (in, retracted) used to change the cutting disc (out, extended).

2004 | Sanding frame

Sanding frame for the belt sander to ensure a level surface every time.

2004 | Belt Cleaning Device (BCD)

Device for cleaning sander belts with integrated cleaning block; Advantages: time-saving, safe, simple button operation and rubber cleaning block that never gets lost.

2005 | Drill with dust filter

Drill with integrated dust suction system. Sucks up dust when you drill in stone.

2005 | Dual Laser

Circular saw laser that allows you to take account of the width of the saw blade teeth when following the line of cut.

2005 | Flexible sanding attachment

The flexible attachment ensures smooth sanding on round surfaces.

2007 | ‘Auto Clic’ for grinders

SKIL ‘Auto Clic’ spindle lock for the most convenient way of changing your accessory. With a simple push of a button the disk is blocked.

2007 | Vaccum technology

Innovative dust suction system that prevents the dust channels from blocking and ensures higher dust pick up efficiency.

2012 | Drill with a multifunctional control knob

This handy control knob lets you switch easily between different functions: 'change drill bit', 'drilling in wood and metal', and 'hammer drilling in masonry and concrete'.

2012 | Multi sanders

A robust, multifunctional accessory lets you quickly and easily switch between the different functions of the multi sanders.

2012 | Dust-level indicator

If you're using a sander with a dust-level indicator, you can see when it's time to empty the dust container.

2014 | Reciprocating- and jigsaw combination

Combination saw: the smart adjustable handle lets you use this versatile tool as a jigsaw or as a reciprocating saw. Fit a jigsaw blade for fine jobs (like sawing laminate flooring), or use a reciprocating saw blade for rough sawing jobs (like trimming trees in the garden).

2015 | Work longer with 'Hybrid Power'

By connecting the charging cable to the (integrated) battery of the cordless drill, when it is nearly empty, you’ll be able to work longer.