Work longer

You can use the revolutionary SKIL ‘Hybrid Power’ 2461 both as a cordless drill as well as with the cord connected to the tool.

No low-battery frustrations
When you have a low-battery level, just connect the 6 metre cord to work longer. The battery-level indicator recommends when to connect the cord to the tool.
Plug and work
With the cord connected, the battery automatically recharges whenever you don’t pull the power switch. Using pauses to recharge the battery means you can work longer right away.
Best in class battery runtime

An independent test institute tested the performance of ‘Hybrid Power’. The results show that, with the cord connected, you can drive at least 184% more screws than with tools from competitors. And it’s actually even more. In fact, recharging puts in more energy than you use during the job. This means you can work much longer.

“Works for me all day long!”

Andrew Myers is an artist who creates portraits and narrative art with screws. Andrew tested the ‘Hybrid Power’ cordless drill and created ‘I’m Letting Go’.